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Hi I am Felicia/20/Virgo
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"So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind but in reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounter of new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun" - Chris McCandless

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The ‘Dissected Cake’ made by the cake artists at the Conjurer’s Kitchen

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do people think this is like really romantic or something he can’t hold her because he has fucking scissors for hands

no people think it’s really fucking sad ‘cause he loves her and cant hold her because he has SCISSORS FOR HANDS

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me 11:59 September 30th


me 12:00 October 1st


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Project Disney | Week 3 - Day 5 | Free Day

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Favourite animated characters   Coraline (Coraline, 2009)

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Namaste, Motherfuckers ॐ

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